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Grass is Greener PR is a full-service creative marketing agency representing brands and activists in the cannabis space. Founded by Sarah ElSayed in 2017, GIG PR uses traditional and experiential means of “moving the needle” to strategically elevate brands in the eyes of their perspective audiences. We’re not just another PR agency looking to cash out on the green rush - we’re long-term cannabis users looking to de-stigmatize a healing plant and reverse the social narrative enforced by decades of prohibition and the war on drugs.

Sarah ElSayed, Founder and CEO, Grass is Greener PR

Sarah ElSayed, Founder and CEO, Grass is Greener PR

With experience running the industry gamut, Sarah ElSayed has represented prestigious clients in luxury, culinary arts, entertainment, fashion, design, cannabis, and more. She graduated from Hofstra University with a dual degree in Public Relations and Neuropsychology, and maintains an interest in the crossover of both industries.

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